Income Protection


Income Protection

Whilst many of us are happy to insure our homes, cars, life etc., many of us do not insure our income against illness or the risk of disability.

At Commitments Protection we feel it is very important to have protection for your financial commitments, we believe that having a safeguard in place, reduces your financial risk and the exposure of financial uncertainty.

Could your household survive financially should you be unable to work due to an injury, illness or becoming disabled and not having an income protection insurance policy in place?

Even a short time off work can have a devastating effect on your finances and may result in you being unable to fulfil many of your financial commitments and obligations such as your mortgage, loan payments, car finance as well as general expenses such as utility bills, grocery shopping, fuel etc.

With a simple to arrange Income Protection Plan, you will be paid a tax free monthly income to help cover your finances whilst you are off work. This income will continue to be paid until you are able to return to work or you reach your desired retirement age (which ever happens first).

Our advisers can help you make sure you have the appropriate level of cover in place, to reduce any financial risk.

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